1. Verbattle conducted debate competition at Deshpande Foundation, Hubli, 5 Teams participated and 3 qualified for SKIRMISH ROUND in Town Hall, Bangalore.
2. Agastya Foundation conducted Science Exhibition in Dharwad District, 3 Teams were selected:

a) Rohan U. Shanbhag & Suraj Basawa Topic: Multiple Usage of Sewage Water.

b) Rajat G. & Rakesh D. Topic: Heat Detector

c) Sachin & Abhishek R. Topic: SONAR
The experiments were very much appreciated by the people & media and one of the teams got selected to represent the school at the National Level Exhibition being held in Chandigarh in the month of November 2012.

3. Prathibha Karanji at Cluster Level
a) Faisal Mulla of Std 8 participated in Recitation of Arabic words got qualified in Taluka Level and was promoted to District Level.

b) Chetan Neelanavar of Std 8 participated in Folk Song competition cleared the Taluk level and got qualified to District Level.

c) Speech Competition: the winners were: Sakshi of Std 1st in English

Rishab of Std 1st in Tulu

d) Folk Dance: The group participated in Cluster Level & was qualified to Taluka Level.

4. Science Talent Exam (conducted by Prathibha Vignyana, Davangere): We won “THE NATIONAL LEVEL ORGANISING SCHOOL AWARD”
1) Niral Desai – National level 4th rank.

2) Maruthi Arer – National level 3rd rank

3) Purvi Subebar – National level 5th rank.

Several State & District Ranks were won by our Students.

5. Scouts & Guides:

Rajya Puraskar Award by Honourable Governor of Karnataka Shri H. Bharadwaj was bagged by Niral Desai, Vinayak Agali, Aditya Kotwal, Pavan Patil, Soumya Katti, Deepika Badiger & Roshni Shanbhag.